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Lap it up in Barbados

  • 20 November 2015
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Relaxing with friends in a sublime location with a rum punch and fried fish. Sound good? In Barbados this scenario is so commonplace they’ve developed their own expression for it. It’s called “liming”. Oh yeah. You’ll be liming a lot in Barbados, at secluded beaches, friendly rum shops (tiny local bars) and by tropical rainforests. The only place you won’t be liming is at the many nightclubs or at the Crop Over Carnival. But that’s because you’ll be too busy “wukking up”. It’s all about shaking your hips.

The must sees
It might seem bonkers to drag yourself away from beaches as incredible as Ju-Ju’s (perfect for snorkeling) or Miami (perfect for surfing) but Harrison’s Cave is worth the trip. The 2.3 kilometre stream lined chasm has crystal ponds, stalactites and stalagmites, plus a Grand Hall measuring 50 feet high. Step inside and hear your jaw drop. It’s one of many natural wonders on the island that includes 1000 year old baobab trees and the sea anemone filled Animal Flower Cave. For more recent constructions, take a tour of St Nicholas Abbey, a fine example of local Jacobean architecture that also includes a steam and rum distillery. It’s a great excuse to sample your first glass of the local favourite.

Local delicacies
Fried flying fish. It may be difficult to say 10 times fast, but it’s much easier to eat 10 times, and pretty much a national dish in Barbados. Eat it with cou cou (cornflour with okra), rice and peas, or maybe stuffed into a cutter (bun), and you’re tasting the real Barbados. Treats such as these are available across the island, but gourmet delights are also in good supply. Try local favourites The Tides or the adventurous Cariba for Japanese Caribbean fusion. The rougher seas of the East Coast form a spectacular backdrop to the Roundhouse Restaurant, which offers traditional Caribbean dishes on a clifftop above the ‘Soup Bowl’, a mecca for global surfers and beachbums. Finally don’t miss the Friday night fish fry in Oistins for BBQ seafood, Bajan spices and priceless atmosphere.

All play and no work
Rum shops are the best place to lime across Barbados. They’re tiny places, often on the beach, that serve rum as well as snacks and even karaoke. Ju-Ju’s Beach Bar is one of the best. It’s super casual and right on the beach. For a more urban tipple, take a stroll down Baxter’s Lane in Bridgetown for its New Orleans vibe. Sublime.

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