Choosing Premium seats with Virgin Atlantic

  • 15 August 2022
  • News
  • Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic are extending their preferred seating to Premium customers, giving them more choice and control so they can select a location that suits their individual preference in the award-winning cabin.

From 23 August 2022 there’ll be a fee to select some seats in Premium, such as rows towards the front of the plane and these will only be able to be booked through their website. Other Premium seats will still be available to select for free at any time before departure.

Before the fee is introduced, they are giving your customers booked in Premium the opportunity to select one of these preferred seat types for free, these can be booked in the normal way up until the new policy is in place.

The seat allocation policy for all other ticket types remains unchanged.

Any Flying Club Gold, Delta Diamond and Platinum members and corporate customers can select a Premium Preferred seat free of charge from time of booking as they do today for Economy seats.

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