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Introducing a new familiar way to fly with us!

  • 16 April 2021
  • News
  • Virgin Atlantic

We have just launched our brand new  ASMR ( Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) video which really does capture in essence a new way of flying but in a familiar very virgin atlantic way. Plus…it’s a nice departure from just communicating policies!

The video is designed to support wellbeing, using gentle triggered sounds & sights its aim is to deliver the observer a tingling response that starts on the scalp and travels down the back of the neck.  ASMR is a big deal on social media platforms and one of the biggest YouTube trends out there. Grab some head phones and give it a go yourself!

Capturing the desire to travel & the familiar sights and sounds of flying with us, this should absolutely support you to get those flying juices flowing and help your sales team to understand that whilst there are some differences in the journey now, the great virgin atlantic service and experience is still very much alive at 39,000ft

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