VSbulletin ADM Policy Update - 5 Nov 2021

  • 05 November 2021
  • News
  • Virgin Atlantic

We need to let you know that we have updated our ADM policy. Please take some time to have a read and ensure you’re up to date with all changes.

Effective immediately, we have amended the charges for Inventory Circumnavigation (married segment logic violation) and Hidden Ticketing, which are part of our  Global Booking Policy

ADM's will be charged as under collection of fare or ADM charge of GBP300/EUR350/USD400, whichever is greater.

Inventory Circumnavigation:
Virgin Atlantic prohibits the creation of reservations with the intent to circumvent inventory management controls.

Agents must not use a different Point of Sale (POS) in order to gain inventory for the purpose of lower pricing. An Agent must book from the availability display, per Origin & Destination (O&D) in the chronological order of each O&D. Changing the Point of Origin or POS for the purpose of circumventing inventory control is not permitted.
This can include, but is not limited to:
a) Break married segment logic
b) Adding journeys to enhance availability, which are then subsequently removed 
c) To obtain inventory for ticket sales, which an agent does not intend to offer for the passenger's actual itinerary
d) To gain access to lower fares or inventory

Agents engaging in this practice will be held accountable for these violations, an ADM will be issued for the applicable penalty and persistent abuse may result in the removal of ticketing authority.

Hidden Ticketing:
We do not permit hidden ticketing, hidden ticketing means:
The booking and/or issuance and/or use of a reservation or ticket from:

  1. An initial departure point on the ticket which is before the passenger’s actual point of origin of travel.
  2. To a more distant point(s) than the passenger’s actual destination being travelled even when the booking or purchase and use of such tickets would produce a lower fare.

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