VSbulletin - COVID-19 Changes to our Winter Flying Programme

  • 21 December 2020
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  • Virgin Atlantic

We continue to monitor the ongoing Covid-19 situation and global travel restrictions very carefully and changing demand for travel. As a result, we have decided to make additional schedule changes which will affect our Winter Flying programme in the first part of 2021. 

  • We are reducing frequencies on several routes and to ensure impacted passengers can continue with their travel plans, they will be reprotected to the most suitable alternative departure.
  • Unfortunately, we have also taken the difficult decision to delay the re-start of the flights detailed in the table below. Because of limited operations to these destinations, there will be no reprotection option available, these sectors will appear as UN.
RouteTravel Dates
Up to and including 17 Mar 21
LHR - HAVUp to and including 27 Mar 21
LHR - LASUp to and including 16 Mar 21
Up to and including 5 Feb 21

Bookings affected by this change will be updated and can be viewed in your GDS from Saturday 19 December 2020. The status of the flights will be changed to UN and our most up to date flexibility policy on how to action these cancellations is available  here.

If you have any questions about this, please contact Sales Support at sales.support@fly.virgin.com
For all other VSbulletin information, please visit https://www.vsflyinghub.com/en/vsbulletin

Take a look at the full vsbulletin and our latest policy here.

We look forward to welcoming your customers on board soon.

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