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VSbulletin COVID-19 Ongoing Travel Disruption - 13 July

  • 16 July 2021
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It continues to be a dynamic time for international travel with ongoing travel restrictions to and from many of the countries we operate to.

We’re delighted to confirm that from Thursday 15 July 2021, Virgin Atlantic will return to their home in London Heathrow Terminal 3, following over a year of closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This means that from 15 July, all departing customers should go to Terminal 3 rather than Terminal 2.

We’re continually reviewing our flying programme due to ongoing travel restrictions between the UK and US, we have pushed back the restart of some transatlantic flights to late August, including services from London Heathrow to Orlando, Seattle, Las Vegas and San Francisco; and Manchester to Orlando, Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York-JFK. World-leading vaccination programmes in both the UK and US have created the opportunity to safely open up travel between these two low-risk countries whilst protecting public health and we urge the UK Government to move the US to the UK’s ‘Green list’ and for the Biden administration to repeal the 212F proclamation for UK travellers. There is no reason to delay.

As a result of the fast-moving travel environment, we continue to make schedule changes which will affect our Flying Programme for the coming weeks.
  • We are reducing frequencies on several routes, however to ensure impacted passengers can continue with their travel plans, they will be reprotected to the most suitable alternative departure.
  • Where a flight is cancelled, and due to limited operations to these destinations, there will be no reprotection option available, these sectors will appear as UN.
Bookings affected by these changes will be updated in your GDS on Saturday 17 July 2021. Our most up to date flexibility policy can be found here
Effective until & including
We are also making some frequency updates for August on selected routes.

During July we plan to maintain operations on the following routes, subject to late changes:
Our flying programme
USALHR-ATL-LHR4 per week
LHR-BOS-LHR3 per week
LHR-JFK-LHR12-18 July, 12 per week
19-31 July, 14 per week
LHR-LAX-LHR7 per week
LHR-MIA-LHR3 per week
CaribbeanLHR-BGI-LHR12-18 July, 5 per week
19-31 July, 7 per week
LHR-MBJ-LHR2 per week
LHR-ANU-LHR12-18 July, 2 per week
19-25 July, 4 per week
26-31 July, 3 per week
LHR-GND-LHR (via BGI)2 per week from 16 July
South AfricaLHR-JNB-LHR3 per week
IndiaLHR-BOM2 per week from 15 July
BOM-LHR 1-18 July, 3 per week
19-31 July, 2 per week
LHR-DEL3 per week from 18 July
DEL-LHR1-18 July, 2 per week
19-31 July, 3 per week
PakistanLHR-LHE-LHR2 per week
LHR-ISB-LHR3 per week
Hong KongLHR-HKG3 per week
HKG-LHR7 per week from 29 July
NigeriaLHR-LOS-LHR7 per week
IsraelLHR-TLV-LHR7 per week
Our partners are also back in the skies, and here's a reminder of where they are flying long-haul from the UK.
Our partner Delta Air Lines flying programme
LHR-JFK-LHR5 per week

We will provide schedules for August as soon as details become available and will continue to keep our website up to date with all the latest updates to schedule and travel restrictions.

Please check here regularly for updates and here for specific flight status.  

Please ensure the latest traveller contact information is available within the booking so the latest instructions reach the traveller via SMS and email.

Covid-19 Passenger Travel Information
Everything your customers need to know before travelling and our flexibility policy can be found here.

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