What's the difference?

Flight features Economy Light Economy Classic Economy Delight
Seat type Standard Standard Standard
Seat pitch 31'' 31'' 34''
Free seat selection at any time Assigned at check in yes yes
Meals and drinks yes yes yes
In flight entertainment yes yes yes
Checked luggage    1 x 23kg 1 x 23kg
Hand luggage  yes yes yes
Dedicated storage No No yes
Priority check in and boarding  No No Via Premium
Blanket pillow and headphones yes yes yes
USB charger in seat yes yes yes
WiFi At a charge At a charge At a charge
Seat width Up to 17'' Up to 17'' Up to 17''
Seat recline 5-6'' 5-6'' 5-6''
Headphones Standard Standard Standard
Media screen size Up to 9'' Up to 9'' Up to 9''

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