Travel Innovation Group Ticket Protection Scheme

We are dedicated to offering the best protection for the business you place with us. The Travel Innovation Group’s Ticket Protection Scheme (TPS) is a key part of this.     

Should circumstances mean an airline becomes insolvent, our Ticket Protection Scheme guarantees to promptly refund the fares and taxes in the quickest possible timeframe, secure alternative flight arrangements, or repatriate customers left overseas.


  • Protection for you and your clients from the moment tickets are issued
  • Protection for Groups from the moment deposits are paid
  • Repatriation service should an airline fail whilst your customers are overseas
  • Alternative flights sourced if customers still wish to travel
  • Funds returned to you in the quickest possible time
  • Quick and efficient resolution service following any airline failure

Ticket Protection Scheme airline categories

Throughout your booking and ticketing journey, you will see the ‘TPS included’ icon and the 'TPS excluded' icon that show you which airlines are or aren’t covered within the Scheme. Within that cover, airlines are categorised by the following:

Category A: Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines 
Full cover whenever ticketed (although we recommend ticketing as late as possible for maximum flexibility)

Category B:
Full cover if ticketed within 14 days of TTL. If ticketed more than 14 days prior to TTL, then Curtailment and Repatriation cover only.  

Category C:
Excluded from all cover



Ticket Protection Scheme is applied within your Group quote to ensure you have the best protection for your customers. You will be covered as soon as a Deposit is paid, so your customer’s funds will be safe from that initial stage.

Full Terms & Conditions as of 24 May 2023 available here

Full Terms & Conditions as of 24 January 2023 available here

Full Terms & Conditions as of 22 December 2022 available here

Full Terms & Conditions as of 29 December 2020 available here

Full Terms & Conditions as of 25 August 2020 available here





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