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Depart the everyday with Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic go above the clouds so that your clients can rediscover the joy of flying. The fun, the excitement and the downright thrill of a truly fantastic flight. Whether your clients are flying for business or leisure, Virgin Atlantic make flying feel like an adventure. 

Discover Economy

Economy Class cabins provide brilliant service, great food and inflight entertainment.

Why expect less?



Premium passengers enjoy an award-winning cabin, superior service and gloriously comfy, roomy seats.


Upper class

Your clients can stretch out and enjoy every minute of their flight in Upper Class. It’s a luxury experience designed to make their journey extra special, from start to finish.

Upper class

The perfect retreat at 30,000ft

Virgin Atlantic operate a mix of different aircraft from the “jumbo” Boeing 747 to the innovative Airbus A350, to make up one of the youngest fleets in the sky.

Explore the Virgin Atlantic fleet

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